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As someone who values connecting with peers, disseminating scientific information to the community, and enjoys helping others, outreach is very important to me.

Open Science and Science Communication

Open science includes sharing papers, methods, data, and code, as well as communicating findings to fellow scientists at conferences or via social media and clearly communicating information with non-scientists. In order to reach my peers, I use the Open Science Framework for preregistration of data and to add information about methods as well as GitHub on which I share open source code. I use LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon and Bluesky, to network with others more informally. I'm the website team lead for Knowing Neurons, whose goal is to further communicate neuroscience to a wider audience.

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Community Service

Serving the community at-large is an incredible way to help others, and research has shown that this has psychological benefits. In the past, I have volunteered with a virtual texting helpline called 7 Cups of Tea and am excited to start volunteering with a different helpline - the Trevor Project. During the pandemic, this allowed me to help others from the relative safety of my home. I have previously volunteered with HonorHealth and Letters to a Pre-Scientist.


List of National Helplines
Find a Therapist
Active Minds - High School and College Student Mental Health
Southern Poverty Law Center - Civil Rights
Project SHORT - Student-led Organization for Getting into Graduate or Medical School
Brain Ablaze - Epilepsy Awareness and Community
Psychin' Out - Psychology Graduate School Forum and Community
Simply Neuroscience - Science Communication
Knowing Neurons - Science Communication
The Trevor Project - Mental Health Resources and Helpline for LGBTQ+ Youth