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A landscape photo of mountains, trees, and a river flowing through
Social and Personality Psychology

My undergraduate honors thesis was in social and personality psychology. I collected empirical data to test whether viewing nature photos would result in less negative affect compared to viewing social media, and if this would potentially work as an intervention for negative effects of social media.

Statistical Analysis Data Collection Scientific Writing Open Science Psychology

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Projects | Megan Hall
glasses are placed in front of a computer with lines of code
Transcriptomics, Genomics, and Neurological Disease

I began learning about bioinformatics through the Helios Scholars program, an eight-week program that led to the completion of a project. Afterwards, I continued research in Neurogenomics, looking at the transcriptome, sparsity of biofluids, and looking into neurological disorders.

Transposable Elements Biofluids Transcriptomics STAR R Jinja2 Bioconductor Parkinson's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Schizophrenia

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Projects | Megan Hall
two adults and two toddlers walk along the sidewalk holding hands
Cultural and International Psychology

I used longitudinal data collected before and after the COVID-19 pandemic to examine the relationship between hope, the future self, and familism; realizing that I was interested in culture, I joined APA's Division 52 for International Psychology, and helped with research on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it was affecting certain populations and countries disproportionately.

Familism Future Self Poster COVID-19

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